Valley Pool

Welcome to the Valley……

30 pegs,

Current record:
E.Bloxham 317lb

Previous record: – Evening
B Homer 249lb 4ozs (4 hours)
The Valley Pool is our top match pool to date with any of the 30 pegs capable of producing in excess of 200lb. The Valley Pool pegs 29-22 have a shelf approximately 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep, running the lenght of the pool with a drop off of up to 6 feet.

Pegs 1-18 are of basin shape and drop off to 6 feet with the exception of peg 8, which is known as the sandbar because in the past floods have left a bar of red sand which the fish swim right up onto.The main tactics are start at 11.5 meters on the deck and gradually as the day goes on move back into the margins.

Up in the water is also successful on pellet and corn. Top baits vary with the weather and pegs tend to fish better when the wind is in your face ,corn,pellet,worm and caster and maggots, with paste fishing well in warm conditions.