Match Results


Sunday 25th October Open Match

Dragonfly Pool

1st K Stephens.                 125-10
2nd S Wright.                     123-08
3rd D Harrison.                   101-12

Maggot Mashers AC Sunday 18th October

1st Mark Fox                     71-00
2nd Chris Webster            54-00
3rd John Greengough       48-00

Sunday 18th October Open Match

Duck Pool

1st D Hobbis.                     139-00
2nd K Stephens.                107-06
3rd N Rowley.                     89-06

Sunday 11th October Open Match

Valley Pool

1st Rob Pemberton          108-02
2nd Karl Stephens            107-04
3rd Tojo                             84-02

Maggot Mashers AC Sunday 27th September

1st Rob Decampo             56-02
2nd Mick                            53-06
3rd Barrie Bland                37-01

Sunday 13th September Open Match


1st Jordan Holloway        111-08
2nd Danny Dryhurst         104-08
3rd S Shakespeare            103-01

Sunday 6th September Open Match


1st Karl Stephens           156-00
2nd S Shakespeare         149-09
3rd Nick Rowley              137-12

Sunday 9th August Open Match


1st J Holdsworth            144-08
2nd Carl Jones                135-04
3rd D Mountfield             134-08
4th Danny Dryhurst        131-12

Saturday 8th August Open Match

Sunday 2nd August Open Match


1st Rob Hill                     115-08
2nd Carl Jones                105-08
3rd Danny Dryhurst        104-00

Sunday 19th July Open Match


1st Paul Stafford            158-03
2nd Carl Jones                156-07
3rd Karl Stephens           155-01

Sunday 21st June Open Match

Badger Pool

1st Tom Edwards       49-12
2nd Steve Wright       42-06
3rd George Organ      39-04

Valley Pool

1st Carl Jones           113-02
2nd Jimmy Change  111-09
3rd Matt Batham      110-03

Sunday 13th June Open Match

1st N Rowley             139-05         Section 1 - 1st N Rowley         139-05
2nd S Shakespeare   120-02                            2nd K Stephens   115-12 
3rd K Stephens          115-12        Section 2 -1st S Shakespeare 120-02
                                                                           2nd T Edwards       102-06

National Passenger Transport Sports Association (Angling Section)

Tuesday 9th June 2015

Overall Winners  

1st A King First York                 93-00
2nd T Hughes Birmingham       79-10
3rd D Weston Perry Barr           73-12

Pool Winners

1st A King 93-00 - Duck Pool        2nd T Hughes     79-10 Kingfisher Pool
3rd D Weston 73-12-Buzzard Pool   4th M Betteridge 68-15 - Valley Pool
5th M Westley 68-08 - Dragonfly Pool   6th T Martin 64-00- Partridge

Starlet Veterans 65 Section Club Match - June 2nd Tuesday

1st B Preece                  96-00
2nd J Tibbits                  95-10
3rd R Grove                   64-08

May 31st Sunday Open - Partridge

1st C Jones                            163-04
2nd J Hollaway                      121-60
3rd D Baker                           118-00

May 24th Sunday Open - Dragonfly

1st  A Jones                          215-10
2nd J Holloway                     173-12
3rd K Stephens                     148-12                         

April 26th Sunday Open - Kingfisher

1st K Stevens                       172-08
2nd S Shakespeare              163-10
3rd A Jones                           139-06

April 12th Sunday - Dragonfly

1st K Stevens                        151-03
2nd J Hodges                         73-15
3rd A Welding                         71-12

April 5th Sunday Open - Kingfisher

1st K Stevens                        142-15
2nd N Rowley                       128-08
3rd B Homer                         127-05

March 29th Sunday Open - Buzzard

1st B Homer                         108-02
2nd N Rowley                       94-08
3rd K Stevens                       86-15







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