Duck Pool

Welcome to the Duck……

22 Pegs,

Current record:
Pete Rice 300lb 2oz
The oldest pool on the fishery, with really dark coloured wild carp, they are the biggest and the hardest fighting at the fishery. The pool is also stocked with bream, rudd and cruicans. The Duck Pool probably produces 3-4 different methods of fishing, from up in the water at 13.5 metres to waggler fishing to the island along with deep and shallow margin fishing. Taking 2 pegs as examples peg 21, fish 16 metres to the island up in the water fishing banded or soft pellet or fish close into the margins on corn or paste, under the willow.
Example 2, peg 5, known as the suicide peg and a reputation for breaking sections so be careful.

Fish to the left in front of the reeds, be careful when you hook one as they head north to the willow roots!

Main baits corn, pellets, paste, worm and casters.