Solhampton Elite

Solhampton Elite Team

To get to be a member of the Solhampton Elite you must have caught at least 200lbs in one match. Good luck.

Carl Jones – Biggest Weight Caught: 325lbs
Eddy Bloxham – Biggest Weight Caught: 317lbs
Pete Rice – Biggest Weight Caught 300-02 lbs
Josh Millard – Biggest Weight Caught 288lbs
Burgess Homer – Biggest Weight Caught: 264lbs
Simon Dicken – Biggest Weight Caught: 247lbs
Karl Stephens – Biggest Weight Caught: 247lbs
Mick Howells – Biggest Weight Caught: 230lbs
Ashley Croshaw  226lb on duck

How to find us

Located just outside of Stourport on Severn in Astley on the B4196 we can be located by entering the postcode of DY13 0RR into your SATNAV or favourite Map program.

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