Price list

Price list

Solhampton Fishery – Peg Fee Pool Prices
Day Rate £10.00 Duck – £130
Day Rate (Seniors) £8.00 Buzzard – £160
Under 16’s £6.00 Dragonfly – £160
Badger – £160
Valley – £160
Kingfisher – £160

All Deposits taken for pools and full pool payments are none refundable.

Please note all pools excluding ‘Duck’ are based on 16 anglers, if you require more additional anglers are charged at our ‘Day Rate £10’ per angler .



What’s on at Solhampton Fishery 2016

Please call, txt or use booking page to reserve a place.
We cannot guarantee a place if you just turn up on the day!

Those anglers wishing to come and fish, the open match dates are below but if you would like to fish in the week then please call on 07749797969 or 01299 828074 on arrival.





23rd April 2017

+ Dragonfly
1st Carl Jones 184-4
2nd Macca 126-12
3rd Karl Stephens 123-6
4th Mark Betteridge 120-6
5th Andy Parkes 112-2

+ Buzzard
1st Stu Campbell 179-4
2nd Rich Green 151-8
3rd Josh Millard 133-13
4th Dave Parry 122-8
5th Rob Pemberton 117-8

+ Valley
1st Si Dicken 136-12
2nd Geoff Darlow 121-12
3rd Dave Johnson 98-4

22nd April 2017

+ Partridge
1st Dave Johnson 56-8
=2nd Josh Millard 50-0
=2nd Jake Cork 50-0

17th April 2017

+ Buzzard
1st Dave Parry 162lb
2nd Mark Newitt 104-8
3rd Pete Hodges 102-8

+ Valley
1st Josh Millard 132-12
2nd Geoff Darlow 130-6
3rd Steve Wright 114-4
4th Karl Stephens 114-2

16th April 2017

+ Kingfisher Pool
1st Karl Stephens 105-0
2nd Josh Millard 102-0
3rd Paul Bailey 100-0

15th April 2017

+ Valley
1st Stu Campbell 168-12
2nd Karl Stephens 146-12
3rd Josh Millard 145-0
4th Si Dicken 142-10

+ Dragonfly
1st Rich Green 142-0
2nd Geoff Darlow 129-10

9th April 2017

+ Badger
1st Carl Jones 129-8
2nd Mark Betteridge 75-2

+ Partridge
1st Josh Millard 79-4
2nd Andy Welding 79-0

2nd April 2017

+ Kingfisher
1st Rob Pemberton 103-8
2nd Pete Hodges 91-08

+ Valley
1st Dave Parry 136-6
2nd Rich Green 123-08

1st April 2017

+ Valley
1st Geoff Darlow 151-0
2nd Josh Millard 145-8

+ Badger
1st Rich Green 142-0
2nd Macca 101-0

26th March 2017

+ Kingfisher
1st M Betteridge 105-10
2nd D Hobbis 100-8

+ Dragon
1st R Green 112-8
2nd D Johnson 89-0

25th March 2017

+ Badger
1st J Millard 108-12
2nd S Wright 99-8

+ Partridge
1st D Johnson 96-0
2nd D Johson Jnr 80-8

+ Buzzard
1st J Bate 79-8
2nd S Parker 68-4

18th March 2017

+ Kingfisher
1st S Parker 103-14
2nd C Jeavons 90-2
3rd Macca 87-8
4th D Joiner 85-4
5th J Millard 84-12
6th J Cork 81-0

+ Duck
1st G Darlow 95-0
2nd S Tibbets 90-2

12th March 2017

+ Buzzard
1st C Hill 140-2
2nd R Green 128-12

+ Valley
1st K Stephens 146-14
2nd R Pemberton 141-12

+ Partridge
1st S Campbell 121-12
2nd S Burrus 85-12

11th March 2017

+ Buzzard
1st C Hill 91-8
2nd D Johnson 86-10
3rd S Parker 85-8

+ Badger
1st J Millard 80-6
2nd J Cork 68-8
3rd K Stephens 65-8

4th March 2017

+ Buzzard
1st D Johnson 105-0
2nd J Millard 88-4

+ Dragonfly
1st A Danks 40-10
2nd J Cork 39-12

 26th February 2017

+ Badger
1st Rich Green 109-8
2nd Steve Burrus 86-14

+ Buzzard
1st Stu Campbell 98-2
2nd Dave Hobbis 84-8

+ Dragon
1st Chris Hill 110-0
2nd Rob Pemberton 77-6

25th February 2017

+ Valley
1st Stu Campbell 119-12
2nd Chris Hill 102-2
3rd Rich Green 81-12

+ Kingfisher
1st Josh Millard 136-8
2nd Carl Jones 136-0
3rd Karl Stephens 115-6

12th February 2017

+ Valley
1st C Jones 58-6
2nd R Pemberton 56-14

+ Partridge
1st K Stephens 61-0
2nd S Burrus 53-12

+ Dragon
1st J Cork 39-14
2nd M Stanaway 13-13

21st January 2017 – Valley Pool

+ A Section
– 1st J Cork 72-13
– 2nd M Betteridge 31-0

+ B Section
– 1st C Cork 52-8
– 2nd G Darlow 37-2

15th January 2017

+ Badger
1st A Sherwood 61-12
2nd R Green 60-6

+ Buzzard
1st G Darlow 50-6
2nd R Pemberton 47-0

 7th January 2017

+ Dragonfly
– 1st J Cork 88-8
– 2nd B Perry 76-12

+ Badger
– 1st S Harris 68-13
– 2nd/3rd C Newton 28-10
– 2nd/3rd D Joiner 28-10

2nd January 2017

+ Buzzard
1st A Danks 70-12
2nd R Green 62-4
3rd C Newton 62-0

+ Badger
1st C Hill 79-4
2nd A Welding 76-12

+ Dragonfly
1st K Stephens 54-04
2nd N Rowley 47-13
3rd G Darlow 47-08



1st Josh Millard 8pts
2nd Chris Hill 10pts
3rd Karl Stephens 12pts
4th Andy Welding 15pts
5th Carl Jones =17pts 462lb
6th Rob Pemberton =17pts 402lb



1st Carl Jones                   829-15      10pts

2nd Chris Hill                    760-00      10pts

3rd Adam Jones                760-12      11pts

4th Andy Welding             672-10       11pts

5th Simon Foster              657-14       11pts

6th Mark Morris                758-06       12pts

7th David Thistlewhite       699-08      12pts

8th G Fogg                       654-10      13pts

9th G Thomas                   707-02     14pts

10th J Mills                       626-03     15pts

11th A McClements            701-14    16pts

12th S Ward                     623-06     16pts

13th D Hooper                  615-02     17pts

14th D Morris                   599-06     18pts

15th M Howells                596-03      18pts

16th J Cork                     550-14       19pts

17th K Stephens              621-09       20pts

18th G Isherwood            549-11       20pts

19th S Walsh                  591-04        21pts

20th S Dicken                 553-01        21pts

21st A Hickman              511-03        22pts

22nd J Raby                  590-14         23pts

23rd H Fairhurst            488-12         24pts

24th Derek Thistlewhite 550-08         24pts

25th D Baker                540-10         25pts

26th N Rowley              520-04         28pts

27th I Evers                 457-12         28pts

28th B Homer               430-10         29pts

29th D Ford                  428-10         30pts

30th M Watts                478-05         30pts

31st R Figgins               510-14         30pts

32nd M Templeman       443-05         31pts

33rd M Wall                  427-02         34pts

34th G Barlow               430-11         34pts

35th B Dunstan             378-10         34pts

36th D Elliot                  477-10         35pts

37th C Glover                382-04         35pts

38th A Taylor                 410-14        35pts

39th D Dryhurst             232-04        36pts

40th D Williams            289-08         37pts

41st E Bowker              285-14         41pts

42nd P Walton             250-08         42pts


1st Kerry Kirkwood         113-13

2nd Rob Brennan           103-00

3rd Neil Colcombe          102-00



Monday 29th June                                                    Tuesday 30th June
Buzzard Pool                                                             Dragonfly Pool
1st Bob Dunstan             133-00                               1st Derek Thistlewhite     148-04
2nd David Thistlewhite   132-04                               2nd Jamie Craig               103-00
3rd Derek Thistlewhite    122-12                               3rd Brian Cox                    95-12

Wednesday  1st July                                               Wednesday 1st July
Kingfisher Pool                                                        Valley Pool
1st Derek Thistlewhite    206-00                              1st David Thistlewhite      188-04
2nd Brian Cox                  109-12                              2nd Cliff Glover                 108-08
3rd Keith Holland             109-00                              3rd Fred Dixon                   78-00

Thursday 2nd July                                                   Thursday 2nd July
Kingfisher Pool                                                         Valley Pool
1st David Thistlewhite    172-00                               1st Derek Thistlewhite      141-12
2nd Luke Dixon                140.00                               2nd Keith Holland             129-00
3rd Cliff Glover                 123-08                               3rd Bob Dunstan               118-04

Friday 3rd July
Dragonfly Pool
1st David Thistlewhite     164-08
2nd Jamie Craig                146-12
3rd Keith Holland               143-12


May Festival 6th – 10th 2015                                      Total Weight caught 23358lbs

1st C Jones                     813-5oz      5pts
2nd K Melville                 771-10oz    9pts
3rd R Figgins                  755-14oz    9pts
4th A Welding                 797-8oz      11pts
5th D Morris                    736-6oz      11pts
6th M Morris                    651-9oz      13pts
7th G Jubb                      727-7oz      14pts
8th S Millward                 648-1oz      15pts
9th K Stephens               588-2oz      17pts
10th M Owen                   572-7oz      17pts
11th S Dicken                  571-1oz      18pts
12th C Munslow              563-1oz      18pts
13th D Thistlewhite         573-6oz       19pts
14th M Slater                   526-1oz       21pts
15th G Thomas                558-1oz       22pts
16th D Dryhurst              554-1oz        22pts
17th A McClements        571-13oz      23pts
18th J Mills                      564-2oz        23pts
19th G Fogg                    546-2oz        24pts
20th A Varden                 519-4oz        24pts
21st M Howells                554-5oz       25pts
22nd A c Jones               524-8oz        25pts
23rd D Hooper                 491-12oz      26pts
24th I Evers                     478-6oz        27pts
25th A Hickman              481-14oz      28pts
26th J Langford              464-12oz      28pts
27th N Hampton              484-8oz       29pts
28th D Baker                    477-14oz     29pts
29th J Eales                     450-7oz       29pts
30th J Hill                         445-7oz       29pts
31st A Jones                   474-9oz        30pts
32nd De Thistlewhite      503-6oz        31pts
33rd D Harrison               452-14oz      31pts
34th P Shilton                  428-6oz        31pts
35th G Barlow                 397-2oz         33pts
36th S Wright                  359-13oz       34pts
37th M Wall                      349-10oz       34pts
38th A Hemming              401-15          35pts
39th M Clever                   385-4oz        35pts
40th P Walton                   364-11oz     35pts
41st E Bowker                  342-7oz       35pts
42nd M Watts                   415-6oz        36pts
43rd B Dunstan                403-10oz      37pts
44th J Schofield               344-2oz        37pts
45th M Brayson                272-4oz        41pts

Mini May Festival 2015

Place     Name                   lbs – oz            Points

1st         K Stephens        637.15              15
2nd        C Jones              607.07              15
3rd         A Welding          517.08              24
4th         A Jones              470.15             30
5th         D Hobbis            431.00             30
6th         N Rowley            385.08             31
7th         M Bettridge         414.07            31
8th         R Pemberton      316.02             31


Festival results 2014

November 2014

Place     Name                         lb’s – oz’s      Points

1st         K Stephens                219 12         2
2nd        A Welding                  177 9           2
3rd        David Thistlewhite    152 4           2
4th        G Jubb                        180 9           3
5th        G Fogg                        169 4           3
6th        M Owen                      162 12         3
7th        S Foster                      162 9           3
8th        N Rowley                    139 5           3
9th        D Hooper                    191 7           4
10th      A Taylor                     156 10          4
11th      M Watts                     135 12          4
12th      E Bowker                   119 7            4
13th      D Morris                     145 4            5
14th      G Dodsworth             116 10          5
15th      Derek Thistlewhite   114 4            5
16th      M Templeman           105 1            5
17th      D Harrison                 99 10            5
18th      M Morris                    167 10          6
19th      D Cunningham          129 8            6
20th      P Shilson                   109 11          6
21st      K Dales                      103 0             6
22nd     A Hickman                139 15           7
23rd     C Legdon                   124 8             7
24th     T Dodsworth             118 8             7
25th     P Dobson                   113 5             7
26th     P Holden                    104 0             7
27th     P Walton                    94 0               7
28th     B Homer                     89 8               7
29th     A McClements           121 4             8
30th     J Schofield                 87 1               8
31st     J Mills                         76 0               8
32nd    L Taylor                      65 6               8
33rd    M Sheppard                62 6               8
34th    A Davidson                 61 3               8
35th    P Willoughby              58 6               8
36th    H Fairhurst                 84 12             9
37th    J Broughton               74 13              9
38th    I Heywood                 29 0                9
39th    L Dales                       25 7                9
40th    D Williams                 82 10             10

Welcome to Solhampton Fishery

At Solhampton Fishery we offer superb match, festival and day fishing. Our pools host some of the best pool fishing within the West Midlands and UK. We are based just outside Stourport-on-severn, approximately 4 miles from Kidderminster, set away in an idyllic  part of the Worcestershire countryside.

We have seven fishing pools at Solhampton Fishery, they are home to six species of fish from Carp up to 25lbs, big Tench, Rudd, Roach, Ide and Bream. All of our seven pools at Solhampton Fishery are kept to a high standard throughout the year. We are open all year round and we also host evening matches during the summer months. These are always a popular fixture among the fisherman, so book early!

Our pools have all been designed to enhance and take advantage of the natural surrounding. We have over 190 pegs, which is ideal for large match day fishing events and festivals. We cater for corporate and private clients, our onsite café is always a great meeting point were we can cater for all appetites. We have ample parking and all pools are close to the main facilities.

Solhampton Fishery is the ultimate fishing experience in Worcestershire and the West Midlands, catering for match and pleasure anglers alike. Our biggest match weight is 325lbs and we always have big back up weights.

All anglers must book in advance using our on line booking form, or by telephone, call Lyndsay on 07749797969 or 01299 828074 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Burgess & Lyndsay

Valley Pool

Welcome to the Valley……

30 pegs,

Current record:
E.Bloxham 317lb

Previous record: – Evening
B Homer 249lb 4ozs (4 hours)
The Valley Pool is our top match pool to date with any of the 30 pegs capable of producing in excess of 200lb. The Valley Pool pegs 29-22 have a shelf approximately 10 feet wide and 3 feet deep, running the lenght of the pool with a drop off of up to 6 feet.

Pegs 1-18 are of basin shape and drop off to 6 feet with the exception of peg 8, which is known as the sandbar because in the past floods have left a bar of red sand which the fish swim right up onto.The main tactics are start at 11.5 meters on the deck and gradually as the day goes on move back into the margins.

Up in the water is also successful on pellet and corn. Top baits vary with the weather and pegs tend to fish better when the wind is in your face ,corn,pellet,worm and caster and maggots, with paste fishing well in warm conditions.

Kingfisher Pool

Welcome to the Kingfisher……

34 pegs,

Current record:
Carl Jones (Maver) 325lb

The main feature of the Kingfisher Pool is the island in the middle which can be reached from all pegs.

It has a 3 foot shelf running round the entire pool; the near bank and far bank have a channel of approximately 6 meters running in the middle all the way round, except on pegs 5-7 where there is a half moon shape going from the nearside bank down to 5 -6 feet deep to the island.

The pool has a heavy concentration of stockies which are rapidly putting on weight, but don’t be fooled, there are a load of lumps in there as well!

Duck Pool

Welcome to the Duck……

22 Pegs,

Current record:
Pete Rice 300lb 2oz
The oldest pool on the fishery, with really dark coloured wild carp, they are the biggest and the hardest fighting at the fishery. The pool is also stocked with bream, rudd and cruicans. The Duck Pool probably produces 3-4 different methods of fishing, from up in the water at 13.5 metres to waggler fishing to the island along with deep and shallow margin fishing. Taking 2 pegs as examples peg 21, fish 16 metres to the island up in the water fishing banded or soft pellet or fish close into the margins on corn or paste, under the willow.
Example 2, peg 5, known as the suicide peg and a reputation for breaking sections so be careful.

Fish to the left in front of the reeds, be careful when you hook one as they head north to the willow roots!

Main baits corn, pellets, paste, worm and casters.

Dragonfly Pool

Welcome to the Dragonfly pool……

38 pegs,

Current Record
A Barker  278lb

Previous Record
Geoff Church 262lb -08 oz

Previous Record
Mick Howells 230lb-14oz

The deepest at 9 feet and the most unpredictable pool on the fishery, a real anglers’ pool!! The pool is well stocked with carp, tench, bream, rudd and roach. The tench and bream running up to 6lb.

This pool has a reputation with pleasure anglers that they have to finish by 2’oclock because their arms are aching!

The left bank is basin shaped and the dam wall the same; the right bank has a shelf of 4 feet running from pegs 2-7. Main baits are pellet, corn and maggots, fished in the margins.

Best tactics depending on the weather are straight out at 11 metres fishing on the deck, coming in to the margins on pegs 2-14 and coming onto 4 metres straight out in front on pegs 15-25. Pegs 30-38 have just been completed.

1 2